Care Instructions

We use a 16oz heavy waxed canvas. The wax will rise to the surface with use and handling, creating streaks and shade variations that will accumulate and create a look specific to each piece. Most owners appreciate and enjoy this feature of waxed canvas, but marks can be minimized by applying medium heat from a hair dryer to soften the wax so that it sinks back into the canvas.

Our leathers are free of CFC, PCB, PCP, formaldehyde and are dyed with colours that comply with the AZO and other European regulations. The major part of the leathers we use is being pre-tanned with trivalent chromium salts, which are harmless to health, during the first tanning stage. With the retanning the chrome content is being extracted out of the leather to a high percentage again and replaced by vegetal tanning agents, like e.g. bark.
Chrome tanning enables the production of especially soft leathers and increases the durability. Only by means of extreme heat or mistakes during the tanning trivalent chromium compounds might turn to the unhealthy chromium VI. Combining the chrome tanning with the vegetal tanning reduces the possibility of chromium VI creation immensely. For guaranteeing our leather to be free from hazardous substances they are regularly controlled by the laboratories of “Bureau Veritas”.

If the leather has become dirty, clean it gently with a light moistened sponge and some mild soap if necessary. Apply leather grease or leather balm if the leather looks or feels dry. Use a small amount and apply a thin and even layer, for example with a sponge. Wipe off the excess with a clean and dry cloth. Always try first on a small inconspicuous surface to see how the color changes before you treat the whole bag. Note that greasing will also soften the leather a bit. We recommend to use a natural product.

Beware of light clothing as leather colour may come off with friction, sweat and water.